Our History

Life often decides without warning "It's time to grow up. It's not always a good thing, especially when you have to exchange dreams for responsibilities. In 2004 I came to USA with my family. 
Life wasn't easy for me. I started working at Wendy's because I need to take care my little brother. But, my dreams always big. More my responsibilities was big More my dreams was bigger. Step by step I learned from country and found out how I can be the beneficiary of the opportunity offer USA. While I am planning all the roles in my family. I tried to open other doors for myself. 
You never know when God can opened a door for me.
Once I passed that door. I won't turn back for nobody. 
The path of responsibility leads to many choices, one close to the other, but there is one that brings me closer to my dream of becoming a woman who will create opportunities for her and for all other young people.
I'm really proud of everything I've accomplished. I am the fruit of many sacrifices. Many work from morning to evening. I am EMMANUELA JOSEPH with a beautiful family. But I want more than that. I want to see more pride in the eyes of all those who love me. I want to create opportunities for more young people to have other alternatives when they land on America's shores.
Nounou Variety is just a drop in the bucket of opportunity. Yes, life has decided that I must grow up, with Nounou Variety I say I am grow enough to take control of my life with my own choices. Live all my dreams.
Nounou Variety is the beginning of an EMMANUELA JOSEPH who says that every person must, whenever he is, be behind everything he wants to accomplish.